The PET scan I had revealed a nodule in each of my lungs. Docs decided to do a needle biopsy of the largest one and see what that showed. I was distressed until the day of the biopsy. Then when the doc told me what he was going to do and now I really got distressed! Basically the possible side effects are what scared me. The procedure would entail me laying on my right side on the scanner and they would put me in and out of the scanner. They would give me a light sedation so I could hold my breath if needed. The doc would inject me with a small amount of lidocaine for pain, then go “fishing” for the nodule that was his target with the help of the scanner. Once at the nodule, he would snip a small piece to run the tests on.

I was set for a great deal of pain ‘cause he was sticking a needle in my lung! As it was the pain felt was as if he was pushing on an open nerve with his finger. The procedure itself went uneventful. Then it was off to the room where they had prepared for three hours to monitor me to make sure I was OK.  This is what they would monitor me for during the three hours: bleeding from the biopsy site, coughing up more than a small amount of blood, (although a small amount is normal), difficulty breathing, chest pain, fever and/or redness or drainage at the biopsy site.

As it was, thankfully, everything went normal – at least for the time being. They had to take me for one visit for a chest X-ray They didn’t find anything on the X-ray so I ready to go home.

More later . . .