My Stomach Feeding Tube saga

As I mentioned earlier, the dietician and Doc decided early on that I should probably have a stomach feeding put in place.

The procedure itself was painless as I was asleep the whole time. But when I woke up I had a tube sticking out of my stomach.

stomach feeding tube

This was all strange for me, but it really not much trouble. All I had to do was to flush it out twice a day with warm water and place a “split sponge” around the tube itself where it came out of my stomach after my shower each morning. Even when I started my feeding it wasn’t all that much trouble.

What was really strange was when I started getting all the feeding paraphernalia shipped to me. I got a long box, which contained the pole to hold the feeding bags on, a big box of feeding bags and several heavy boxes of the actual feeding formulas. Soon after I got a phone call from the company that shipped me the stuff, with an offer for someone to come out to help me set it all up. Cool!feeding tube pole

I took them up on their offer to set it all up. Actually only took a few minutes and normally could do it myself but I was recovering from a toe amputation and couldn’t get around very well. She also showed me how to use the whole deal. Again it wasn’t a big deal and I caught on rather qickly.