Preparing for my Radiation Therapy

The scariest part of my Radiation Therapy was actually preparing for it. I had many appointments with doctors, a dietitian and a Palliative Care Person.

The radiation therapist doc clued me in as to what I was in for – it wasn’t a pretty picture. The side effects could be irritating and long lasting: fatigue, radiation, burns itching, swallowing problems and hair loss to name a few. He said that I might lose the whiskers on my face and might not have to shave for a while, maybe even permanently. That one I could live with. (more…)

My Bout With Cancer Overview

At the end of last year I bit my tongue. Not a big deal ‘cause everybody bites their tongue. But my bite didn’t want to heal so went to see the doc. He referred me another clinic, where they took a biopsy of the tongue.

biopsy of tongueThe results came back and I had cancer. They immediately scheduled me for surgery. The surgery went well and I came home with a partially sore tongue. (more…)

My Enlistment

My Enlistment

There are a few things memorable about my enlistment into the Air force. The first is the long wait between the time I signed the papers to be enlisted until the time I actually left for the first step of the enlistment.

The second was what happened at the induction center in Newark, NJ. There were many young men there all waiting for our enlistment physical. As much as I can recollect we were lined up and the medical technicians went from one person to the next to perform their respective tests. (more…)